Hey all,

If you're reading this, it means I value your musical judgement. Great stuff! I drummed up a few demos of pieces I've been working on for the last six months. I'll be recording my first album of original guitar music shortly, and I'd really like your feedback (fb me or jameshodsonguitar@gmail.com)

I think most of these pieces will have at least double bass and drum kit (rods or brushes). I was also thinking about adding some winds (clarinet?) and strings, but the trio may have to suffice. Some days I even prefer them as solo guitar pieces. And please excuse the rough-around-the-edges performance, they're about still only about 82.6% cooked (approx.)

Thanks for listening!


REYKJAVIK: The towering Hallgrimskirkja church can be seen all over the gentle slopes of Reykjavik. Njall, my host, lent me a bike. He told me if I wanted to reach the city centre from where we were in the outer suburbs, head towards the church tower.


KYOTO STRIDE: I once stayed at a capsule hotel in Kyoto, Japan. One evening, I ventured down into a massive underground walkway connecting two subway stations, and was swept into a slipstream between the masses of people striding along in peak hour.

AUTUMN IN KOREA: On a cold afternoon I took a bus to a small village in Andong, Korea. Most things were closed, and only a few people were ambling about. The sky threatened rain the whole but never delivered.

FLOWERS IN THE WATER TROUGH: In North London, somewhere between Alexandra Palace and Hornsey station, there's an old stone water trough with flowers. There is also some kind of austere but elegant monument. I wrote this piece on a warm summer evening in a house on the Harringay ladder.