The story so far.

James picked up music at the age of twelve. This is relatively late, as he soon found out, sitting next to child prodigies and students with perfect pitch in classes at the Melbourne Conservatorium. He shifted his interests to composition while at Melbourne, nurturing a creative element which had always been present.

The world of music opened up many great adventures and experiences, from playing with a Vietnamese pop band, to orchestral tours of China, recording collaborations in Bangladesh, and study sojourns in Bulgaria.

He also plays trumpet and upright bass, and currently lives in Edinburgh, UK.

The specifics.

James studied guitar with Lucas Michalidis and Brendan Hains. He studied composition with Dr. Elliott Gyger and Dr. Stuart Greenbaum. His piece Ardipithecus for piano trio was awarded first prize in the Trio Anima Mundi International Composition Competition in 2010. He is also the recipient of the Catherine Grace McWilliam Prize (2008).